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The company VERDI deals exclusively with the construction works and active antihail and antirain protection ,based in Skydra, Pella and covers the entire Greek territory by offering services and products to every corner of our country, in every Greek farmer.

By making large investments in recent years it has managed to lead the production in own plants, poles of prestressed concrete which are currently the ideal element for the constructional support of an antihail protection project due to their high strength, the ability to carry large alternating loads and the very large lifetime in humidity and chemical attacks developed into an agricultural crop.

With dedication to manufacture high quality projects VERDI Ltd besides the higher quality production of poles than those imported, provides materials and components of large European firms that use state of the art technology and cutting-edge expertise in antihail protection.

Proudly we consider our company a pioneer in Greece because we have specialized equipment - unique in the country - for the installation of our projects, we have trained staff and we build sustainable partnerships with every agency who develops and implements innovation in our field. Therefore, we are able to offer reliable solutions to the problems and challenges of any Anti-hail work and additionally except the annihilation of the damage risk of rain and hail will offer the milder producer and stable microclimate conditions, earliness and uniformity of products and consequently greater added value and export perspective.

We are the contact channel of the Greek farmer with the future of antihail protection and we offer integrated robust construction, long life, with the best materials of the market, in the most competitive prices.